WestClay Wag – Dog walk and Activites April 28th 2012 9-2

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A Parent’s Guide To Finding Day Care

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Watching the milestones of infancy, leading into the curiosity of a toddler and then the investigative efforts of a preschooler is momentous in the eyes of any parent. As your child grows and absorbs as much as possible from the environment you quickly realize that the early experiences of life and those exposed to your child during early development is a critical part of the learning process. It’s a difficult decision to not only allow others’ to care for your child but also to find quality care that will offer the most enriching format for learning based on your child’s developmental processes.

My Life In WestClay

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Our Beautiful Wedding in the Village of WestClay in Carmel, IN

Our Beautiful Wedding in the Village of WestClay in Carmel, IN

My husband Brian and I were married in the Village of WestClay (VWC) on July 28, 2001 in an outside ceremony under the gazebo in Founders Square facing the Meeting House. The Wentworth was not even built yet.

At that time, we really had no idea we would eventually live here.  After the wedding we moved into my house in Meridian Kessler which was built in 1922. I loved it. Brian did not.